Just a reminder about all of the teachers:  They love Jesus.  They have a desire to see the children have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   They show love to the children.  They provide a safe environment for the children.   They serve the children.   They give lots of hugs and high fives.   They respect the parents.  They are willing to change their teaching style!  They are willing to learn new things.  They strive to grow spiritually and professionally.  They understand these children have much greater needs than the things seen on the surface.   They know these children deserve the right to have opportunities in life.   They laugh with the children and they cry with the children.

Rosenda is the fourth grade teacher at Colegio J.E.T.   She has several years of experience from a previous school.   She has a teaching certificate. Rosenda has completed one college degree, and she is currently working on her second college degree.  She travels about 2 hours by bus on a daily basis in order to work at our school.  She is fluent in Kaqchikel also.  She is self-motivated and looking for ways to grow professionally.   The children respond well to her approach of collaborative teaching and structure.  The children love being in her class.

FourthDaisy worked for two years at the “feeding center”.  This provides her with a huge advantage with all of the children.  She knows the children, their families, and their stories.  She teaches the fifth grade.  Daisy has a true love for each child at the school.  She goes above and beyond to meet so many needs in their lives.  She is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure these children are successful in school.   Daisy has a teaching certificate.  She is currently working to finish her college degree.     She has a husband and a young daughter.



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