Colegio JET

My goal is to write three blog entries each week.  So far, I have failed!  I will just ask for forgiveness and blog whenever I have a chance.  Here is a summary of last week:

Pastor Terry Rainey spoke to the older kids during devotion Monday through Wednesday.  On Tuesday, he used the story David and Goliath to illustrate Goliath size problems in our lives.  This lesson provided the opportunity for many of the teachers to pray with the students about Goliath size problems!

The teachers were blessed by the generosity of prayers of the past two groups.  The groups served them dinner, listened to some of their stories, gave a gift, and prayed for them.  The teachers were very encouraged by the outpouring of love for them.

The past two groups generously provided the money to feed the children for about 2 weeks.  This is a huge blessing as the number of meals have tripled from the previous years.

Apparently Valentine’s Day is celebrated big time in Guatemala.  The students felt a lot of love as they celebrated the day with games and pizza.

The children began using our computer lab last week.   One of the girls in first grade waved the mouse above her head in order to control the arrow on the screen.  Needless to say, computer skills are lacking for many of the students.


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