Colegio JET!

I am typing this blog while hearing the voices of only students and teachers.  This has been the first time our campus is construction free!   We are grateful!

The dedication was a success as everyone heard the Gospel and God was glorified.  The classrooms and school yard was beautiful.  The ceremony was great.  We celebrated with the Ministry of Education, the mayor of El Tejar, and our friends in the ministry.  The food was delicious and the fellowship was great.   In the afternoon, we had a party for the children and their families.  Games, hilaches, popcorn, etc. was all a success.  The children left smiling from ear to ear.

I am now playing catch up on all of the work I was not able to accomplish prior to the dedication.   Two of the past groups, Donna Westhouse and Laura Sys, blessed our children by leaving the extra groceries left from their week.  A jar of peanut butter can go a long ways.   We were able to bless some needy children with some food.  One morning, we had no water and no lights.  Thankfully, we had juice boxes for the children!  Thank you for thinking of us.

Mrs. Laurie King held a wellness check for all of the kids at the school.  She provided medication for those who needed some.  She made medical boxes for the school.  She sewed all of the table cloths for the dedication.  She has donated a lot of resources.  She bought some necessary items needed in the kitchen.  She was the boss in the kitchen during the dedication ceremonies.  All food was served quickly and smoothly.   A huge thank you to John and Laurie King for all of the help with the school.

A donor provided the funds to purchase a convection oven and a large cooler for the school kitchen.  Wow!  What a game changer!  Last week, Evelyn, the cook, was amazed at how quickly she can prepare 320 meals in the oven.  We are grateful.

Ross Genzink helped with some plumbing at the school and the mission house.   Tony Getting was able to capture a lot of video footage of the children and the dedication.   Kim French took school photos and dedication ceremony photos.  They were here for only a few days, but they accomplished a lot.  I am excited about sharing the videos and photos with you.

This morning, the upper grades were blessed to have a devotional time with Pastor Terry Rainey.   All of children are using the new computer lab for the first time.  There is a buzz of excitement around the school.

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