Facebook Live!

We will be on Facebook live throughout the day on Shining Light Abroad Ministries page.  Our students will arrive around 7:30.  Share with Everyone!

January 8th, 2019—Nothing on the land–No funds to build a school–No real understanding of all of the paperwork involved for the school.   It was a God-size dream that seemed too big.  But God…   He used people in tremendous ways to provide the funds in a miraculous time frame.   He used people to complete the paperwork.  He used people to consistently pray for the children and the ministry.  He used people to encourage.

January 8th, 2020—A 9,000 square foot with 22 classrooms and 160 precious children.  Children who will receive love.  Children who will receive breakfast and lunch everyday.  Children who will receive a quality education.   Children who have teachers willing to invest in their lives.  Impoverished children will be able to break the spiritual and physical cycle as a result of attending Colegio J.E.T.   (Jesus & Education Transform)

And HE receives ALL of the Glory…

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