One More Day!

Final Day for prepping!   Is everything at the school perfect–No!  Are the classrooms ready–Yes!   We have been working to prepare the school for opening on January 8th.  Ready or not, the children will be at the school at 7:30 tomorrow.  Everyone is excited!

I have heard “Tomorrow” as an answer to a lot of my questions lately.  Pray the final things such as railing for the second floor and bathrooms are completed today.

The team has been a huge help in cleaning and putting things together.   The teachers have worked very hard.  If you have ever visited Guatemala during dry season then you know how dusty it is.  There has been a lot of sweeping and mopping while construction is still taking place.

We will have facebook live on Shining Light Abroad Ministries page throughout the day tomorrow.   They will be short facebook lives.  Spread the word and plan to watch.

To every person who has given financially, donated books, bought school supplies, tomorrow you will see 160 of the most precious faces.  Tomorrow will be the day you can celebrate with us.  We stand amazed at how He has written the story and how we are part of it!

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