Contribution Statements for 2019!

We are so appreciative to each person who financially gives to our ministries.   We have tried to make things much easier for the donors by offering online giving for Friendship Baptist Church and GRACE Ministries during 2019.  One advantage of online giving is the donor has complete access to personal giving records along with receiving an electronic receipt after each payment is submitted.

Here are the steps for printing your financial records:

1) Log into the correct website:

GRACE Ministries

Friendship Family

Shining Light Abroad

2) Go to My Profile

3) Click on My Donations

4) Click on Download Donation Statement

5) Select Date Range

6) Click Submit

This information is for ONLINE giving only.   The processing site for GRACE Ministries and Friendship Baptist changed from Stripe to Reach.   If you need assistance to know exactly the total amount for donations please email me at  If you need to know the EIN for GRACE Ministries or SLAM you may email me also.





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