Sunday Funday!

Growing up in the ministry, I completely understand there is no such thing as “normal” work hours.  My girls are quickly learning it also.  This was our “normal” Sunday yesterday:

For several reasons, we felt the need to take Lydia’s baby to a clinic hosted by Jeff and Karlie Ruiter.  The clinic is quite difficult to find which meant I was dependent on Soy to drive.  Obviously we don’t have a babysitter on Sunday so our girls rolled out of bed at 6:15 am.  They crawled into the car wearing pajamas, a box of cereal, and a cup of milk.  After being in the car for 2 hours, they never complained when we quickly changed clothes and headed to church.  They ended the day helping me prepare some things at the feeding center and organizing the garage with school supplies.  They were champs all day!  (Lydia’s baby is anemic, has a hernia, and pink eye!  All will be monitored and treated over the next few months)

A few weeks ago Lizzi went to her best friend’s house to play.  She packed a book bag of toys expecting her friend not to having anything to play with.  When she returned she said, “Their house is good because it is made of blocks.”  At first I was confused by this until I realized most of our friends live in tin houses.  I loved the fact that playing with a friend in a less than desirable living condition did not bother her at all.  A couple ofweeks ago, Sydney bought her and Lizzi a cupcake and Sprite for an afternoon snack.  Another guy needed a ride to the center so he climbed into our car.  Without hesitation Sydney opened her cupcake and gave him one of them.  (This is a huge sacrifice for a girl who loves chocolate). On Saturday, I came home and Audrey was dressed in the clothes her neighbor friends gave her as a birthday gift.  She said, “They are real dirty but it is ok!”

We are convinced God gave us some of the best girls because he knew we would need a lot of grace when it comes to parenting!


The above post is what we call “Social Media” lives!  We are proud of our girls and grateful God is molding their hearts for others.  However, the video below is what we call reality!  Two minutes of real life.  Two minutes of a video that our babysitter found on her phone.   Two minutes of life that got them all in trouble–Audrey, Sydney, and Jonathan!  When Sydney was asked about the video, she simply said “What video?  I have never made a video!”  (If you work with kids, you will probably not a have a problem understanding Sydney!).

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