Sponsors for 2020

We have been working hard on providing opportunities for children to attend the school in January 2020.  We are looking for families who not only need help, but desire the opportunity for their children to receive an education to help them change their future.  After hours of interviews and house visits, we are hoping to have a final list of all children by November 1st.  This will allow me to begin choosing sponsors for each child.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child for 2020, please email me at shininglightabroad@gmail.com.  Many of you have verbally shared an interest, but I am relying only on emails as confirmation.

What Does the Sponsorship Cover?  

For $40 per month, the sponsorship will help a child with academics and nutrition.  They will attend G.R.A.C.E.’s private school located on the property beside the current feeding center.   They will receive a high-standard, quality education from January through October.  They will continue to be part of a tutoring program in November and December.  The meals will consist of meat, vegetables, and fruit.  In addition to receiving 2 meals each day, they will be provided uniforms and school supplies.

(There are high expectations for each child attending the school.  Each family must complete a thorough interview, home study, and agree to the requirements before being accepted into the school.  Failure to comply with the rules will result in termination from the school.)

Are there other ways to sponsor the children?  Yes!  I will give some ideas for ways to be involved tomorrow!  

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