Saturday & Sunday Fun!

The current group at the mission house hosted a Family Day at the feeding center.  There was an inflatable, cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs, drinks, tattoos, face painting, manicures, ring toss, soccer, and free haircuts!   The families were assigned a specific time to come to the center in order for it to be more manageable to the team.  The team did an excellent job at taking the initiative and interacting with the families.  The haircuts were a huge hit!  Kari and Aaron worked all day cutting hair.  For some of the girls it was their very first hair cut.  The teenage boys were particular about the style of their hair! Telma presented a Gospel presentation using the parable of the lost job to all of the families.   They all did an awesome job ministering to the families.  A special thanks to the leaders, Ashley and Katherine, for blessing the families.

We ended the day around 5:30 on Saturday night and we returned to the center at 12:00 on Sunday to begin community interviews.  Some of the families were drenched when they finally arrived at the center because it rained hard.  Yesterday was the final day for open interviews to the community and home visits will begin this week.  Please pray for the team of Guatemalan men and women as they choose the children who will go to the new school.  I will give more details about how the families are chosen in a later blog post.  We locked the doors to the feeding center at about 7:30 last night!

I scheduled “Family Day” on Alabama’s first football game–What was I thinking?  (It was worth it).  Soy and I enjoyed our Saturday evening by eating some of the best smoked pork ever.  We have purposely saved it for the first day of football.  A special thanks to Jody Odom for blessing us with some of the best smoked pork we have ever eaten!

Yesterday, the final teacher confirmed her teaching position at Colegio JET!  We are now complete for directors and teachers!   We are excited.

I have talked to several family members from Alabama and they all talk about how hot it is outside.  I had to close the windows in our house this morning because I was so cold!

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