Worth the Work!

Lately, it seems as if our days are running together.  It is a busy time as we find ourselves working on the weekends in order to accomplish the necessary preparations for the school.  Just like anyone else, we sometimes ask ourselves “Is this worth it?”

In July, we had interviews for each child currently enrolled in the program.  Pablo’s uncle attended the interview as his guardian.  This confused me so I began to ask the personal questions about the location of his parents.  Pablo’s mother had traveled to another country and left him in the care of older sister, uncles, and aunts.   Pablo never spoke about this with us or showed any changes in behavior so we were simply unaware of the changes in his life.

Last week, Pablo told Daisy that his mother offered for him to live with her.  This means Pablo would take the chance of making a risky move to another country.  However, Pablo quickly told Daisy he chooses to stay in Guatemala.  Why?  Pablo said, “Daisy is the best teacher, Deidra am like a mom to him, and I want to go to the new school.”  Pablo has not budged from his decision because he is so enthusiastic about attending the new school.

For this 12 year old, the feeding center has been the most stable part of his life.  Pablo comes to the center knowing he will be fed, taught, and loved.  We are his security in the midst of an uncertain future.

To each person who has ever invested in the feeding center, you have provided these children a safe, secure environment.  In January, Pablo will have feel the safety and security from teachers who love him.  For every person who invested in the school, you are providing Pablo with stability.

Is it worth it?  Yes!   There is no greater investment than investing in life of a child!





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