Movie Day!

The team from First Baptist Ozark were able to spend some time at the feeding center within the past week.   Last Friday and Saturday, they did an awesome presentation using chalk art and spent time with the kids in stations.  Yesterday, they treated the kids to ice cream and movie!

All 120 children arrived at the center and ate a spaghetti lunch.   It would’ve been very easy, except for the hard downpour of rain as the children were waiting for the bus.  Some of the older kids were soaking wet from the rain.  So what did we do?  We spent the next hour using clothes dryers, a hair dryer, and a heater trying to dry the clothes.  Some of kids benefited from my girls’ clothes.  We had to use my personal dryer due to the amount of clothes.  I found marbles, candy paper, an eraser, and thumbtack in my dryer.  I am confident none of the items were given as “prizes” from their teachers!

They loaded the bus and enjoyed hot fudge sundaes at the mall.  (The “mall” is the local food court where almost every team eats).  They watched Angry Birds and loved every moment of it.  At 5:00 they loaded the buses and safely returned home!

Thank you FBC Ozark for showing our children so much love!



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