A Lot of Work!

This group has been busy for the last several days.  On Sunday they traveled to an area impacted by the volcano and fed 300 families.  Some of the families walked for 90 minutes to receive the food.   The roads to their communities are difficult to travel so by foot is their means of transportation.  They came back to the house to enjoy a night of worship with some local youth.   My dad preached and Bro. Rex Looney led worship.  There were about 200 grilled cheeses, lots of chips, and brownies eaten.  It was a good day.

Monday and Tuesday the team spent all day building the houses.  From what I am told, the houses are not within walking distance from each other.  They have worked with some really hard ground, but they completed all 25 houses yesterday.  The day ended with Jamie receiving a few stitches, but it was all good.

Kathy Genzink and Megan Behler cooked hamburgers, cole slaw, and monster cookies for the construction men.  They definitely enjoyed it.

Several people have helped at the feeding center with the kids.  This is always a good time because the kids like the extra attention and hugs.

The team will leave in about 2 hours to participate in dedicating the houses.  Luckily, Kathy marked the location for all of the houses so she will be the leader!  Pray for them as they share the Gospel with the families today.

We hear people often say their favorite time during the week is spent in morning devotions.  Devotions led by my dad and worship led by Rex Looney–definitely a great week.




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