Familiar Faces!

Seeing familiar faces is always refreshing to us.   This week the GRACE trip consist of people from Michigan (5), Alabama (32), and Mississippi (1).  Everyone arrived by late Thursday night and they started working bright and early Friday morning.  For the men, work consisted of moving tons of dirt into the school classrooms.  Very hard work, long day, but much accomplished.  The women went out and built 4 houses.   It was a Good Friday.

Today, 3 women stayed and helped at the feeding center.  The other 35 team members returned to the build site.   They were delayed due to a flat tire on the tool truck.  They had to end the work day a bit early due to other commitments.

Tonight 6 families from the feeding center will join us for supper.  It is always a special treat when our kids spend time with their sponsors.

Tomorrow the team will leave the house at 6:00 am and travel about 2 1/2 hours for a food distribution.  They will present the gospel and provide food to 300 families.  Tomorrow night will have church at the mission house for some local youth.  It will allow the youth to have a time of food and fellowship with the team.

A special thanks to the Danville Baptist group for bringing the technology for the new school.  Jason Bowling willingly volunteered to take the lead and he did it with such a servant’s heart!  The thought of trusting Noah Hogan with all of our technology caused my blood pressure to increase just a bit!



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