Just Another Week…

Here are a few pictures of some we actually remembered to take pictures of…

We gather pine cones for the fires at our house.


We receive special attention by eating corn dogs and jumping on the trampoline. (They convinced me to let them do some chores to earn money to for a school activity–Very Few Chores–A Lot of Fun)


We use sticks to guard our “fort” from the girls.


We give hugs when sweet girls fall down.


We wear our fancy dresses to the center.


We color a lot!


We serve lunch, clean up spills, give medicine to sick kids, make home visits, deliver food, buy shoes, help with homework, sing, tell Bible stories, make Mother’s Day gifts, make special gifts for our sponsors, provide intervention in reading and math, give lots of hugs, laugh a lot, and wave good-bye!  Along with a million other things…


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