Meet Dayana & Daisy

If you have approximately 60 children for lunch and tutoring then you need to have great help!  We began praying God would send us teachers who love Him and love our children.  He sent the perfect two for this season of the feeding center.

Daisy began working with Guatemala Relief And Compassion Efforts last year.  She is a certified teacher and she uses her talents to serve the children.  Daisy worked closely with me for several months and then Tess provided her with valuable training in reading.  She loves the children, and she is always willing to go the extra mile for each of them.  Daisy is married, has a two year old daughter, and attends the University on Saturdays.  Daisy is also bilingual which is extremely helpful in interacting with the groups.  (Many of you have worked with Pastor Walter–Daisy is his oldest daughter!)

Last Spring, Dayana volunteered for several months everyday at the center.  After observing her, it became apparent she has a gift of working with children.  S.L.A.M. asked her to began working at the feeding center on a daily basis.  However, the requirement is Dayana would return to school and finish high school.  Dayana works with the children Monday through Friday and attends school on Saturday.  She is excellent with teaching the younger children and acting as “bus monitor” on the way home!

Daisy and Dayana both wear many hats at the center.  They help serve lunch, clean up spills, bandage scrapes, sing songs, tell Bible stories, teach reading skills, teach math skills, distribute school supplies, buy and distribute uniforms, visit schools, check on the progress of the students, and much more!  This year the children are divided into upper grades and lower grades.  Daisy is the leader for the upper grades and Dayana is the leader for the younger grades.  I can leave the feeding center and they are able to manage everything as if I am still in the room.   We are blessed to have two young ladies willing to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Dayana and Daisy


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