Taylor Girls

I hardly ever write anything personal about our family.  However, we do have people ask about how our girls are adjusting, how they are liking Guatemala, etc.  These are some of examples of the conversations that happen in out house.

Large black ash is starting to fall from the sky (it is from a nearby fire) and Audrey comments “Well, I guess the volcano is exploding again.”

Me: Sydney, what is your favorite part about school?  Sydney:  Lunch

Me: Sydney, did you understand your teacher today?  Sydney:  Yes, I understood everything she said and she understood everything I said.  Me:  What language were y’all speaking?  Sydney: English!

I spoke about a personal situation in Spanish the other day.  I did not want my girls to be able to understand the conversation.  Too bad, I forgot Lizzi understands Spanish better than me.  She had lots of questions for me!

The other day, Sydney and Lizzi recited the Bible verses they are learning at school.  Lizzi knows the verses in Spanish and English, but she says English is sooo much easier.


And then there’s Audrey…

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