Almost There!

We are watching the bar move closer to our Hallelujah goal!   We need $19, 000 over the next three days to close the Dollar to Dollar Match!  We have watched God move in mighty ways over the past month, and we have stood speechless.  This afternoon, I stood on the side of the soccer field watching the girls run around the soccer field while the boys played a competitive, fun game of soccer.  The laughter from the children is contagious.  I watched the kids read library books, write in their journals, and have races with their multiplications facts.  It is such a joy to watch them have fun learning and to have the freedom to simply act like kids!

Around 11:30 a.m. we signed the contract for the construction of the new school!  As I signed the contract, I saw the faces of people who have invested in this ministry.  I saw faces of people who understand that a lot of Jesus and a high quality education can change a child’s future.  It was thrilling to know all of the prayers, the money given, and all of the hard work is beginning to come to fruition.  It is the beginning of changing the lives of some precious children.  It is the beginning of changing generations!

We are humbled for God to allow us to be a small part of His story!  You are a part of His story!


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