Interested in Being a Sponsor?

Within the next few weeks, we will welcome about 15 new students to the program.  Right now we have a short list of people wanting to sponsor a child.  Are you interested in sponsoring a child for one year?  Send me an email at (If you have verbally told me you want to sponsor a child, please send me an email to make sure I have written your name on the list).

Danville Baptist— We will have a brief meeting at the church on December 23rd immediately following the morning service.  We will serve you a delicious pizza lunch!  This meeting is designed for me to answer questions about current sponsorships, future sponsors, or the new school.  Your church is very generous to our ministries and it is a small way to say “Thank You!”

Friendship Baptist–There will be a soup/sandwich dinner on December 27th at 6:30 in the fellowship hall of the church.  This meeting is for current sponsors, future sponsors, or details about the school.  This is an open invitation for anyone in the area having an interest about this aspect of the ministry.

Sponsor a Specific Child—  $40 per month allows the children to receive school supplies, school uniforms, 3 weekly meals, a 3 afternoons at the feeding center, a birthday gift, a Christmas gift, and one field trip.  The afternoons consist of Bible teaching, academic tutoring, English, computers, soccer, basketball, games, art, legos, etc.  The children are in the program from kindergarten through sixth grade.  Once they finish sixth grade it is the sponsors decision whether or not to continue to pay for their school.  They will still be accountable to us for their grades.  Some churches, some Sunday School classes, some schools, some individuals sponsor a child.

General Fund for Feeding Center—  Obviously $40 per month does not cover the total cost of the daily operations of the feeding center.  Some people choose to give various amounts directly to the general fund to cover construction of the building, utilities, salaries for workers, etc.  The people who give to the general fund are extremely important to the ministry.

All tax-deductible payments to the feeding center (general and sponsored child) can be made through

We strongly believe in ending the spiritual darkness and cycle of poverty is through investing in the life of a child.  There are 110 children in the program, but the reality is we minister to 110 families.  We are seeing God use the program to reach families with the Gospel.

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