Happy Sunday!

Home Sweet Home!   We arrived in Grand Bay, Alabama late Wednesday night.  Our kids have been counting down the days for the past two weeks.  The flight attendant asked our 4 year old, Audrey, if Santa was coming to visit her.  Audrey replied, “No”.  The flight attendant was taken back and asked her why he wasn’t coming.  Audrey said, “Because I don’t want him to come.”  End of discussion!  Our kids have been so excited about traveling to Alabama that Santa has definitely been overlooked!

Within the first 72 hours we have eaten at Cracker Barrel (true Southerners), shopped at Wal-Mart (a couple of times), eaten at Anderson’s bakery, spent time with family, had sleepovers with cousins, shopped at the outlets, and gone to a skating Christmas party.  Today we will be able to worship with the people at Friendship!   We will eat lunch with our family and have Sydney’s birthday party.  When is Sydney’s birthday?  It’s in February but she is insistent on having her party in Alabama.

We are happy to be home!

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