Mr. Morris and Diane were able to travel to Guatemala with my parents last Thursday.  This allowed us to spend a little but of time with them before 40 team members arrive for a week of serving.  They gave our kids 78 Hatchimals–Our house will never be the same!  Mr. Morris brought us practice jerseys for the soccer boys.  What colors are they?  Purple and White of course (You have to be long time Friendship members to appreciate the colors). They are extremely nice reversible uniforms so the kids will be excited.  Mrs. Diane did all of the market grocery shopping for the trip.  It was a nice relaxing shopping trip–lol!

The team arrived Saturday night and they were given about a 30 minute break before they had to start cooking.  They cooked breakfast burritos for 100 people on Sunday morning.  They cooked estofado, rice, Russian salad, brownies, ice cream, and Rosa de Jamaica for 300 people on Sunday.  The estofado takes all day to cook and it consists of three different meats.  This is a very special meal for these families.  Cooking and feeding 400 people within the first 24 hours of the trip–No problem.

The team was able to decorate the feeding center and have everything in order in about two hours yesterday.  I do not like to wait to the last minute on certain things, but this group knows exactly what to do!

The families came yesterday afternoon and last night to receive the meal, watch their children in the Christmas program, receive a nice food basket from GRACE, and receive a gift from their child.  The children tell the Christmas story through reciting the verses.  One child tells a summary about how Jesus was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, died for our sins, was buried and rose so we can have eternal life.   My dad and Mr. Tom shared the need for salvation through Jesus Christ to the families.  We have all of the siblings in the center for the program which can equal a lot of distractions.  It was actually quiet and the least amount of distraction as they shared the gospel.  Please pray that lives will be changed.  It is about more than just a good Christmas meal.  It was a good day.

Each family took one photo and had it printed and provided to them by the end of the night.  The families loved this as the photo can be a treasure!

I especially like it when sponsors are able to meet or reunite with their sponsored child.  It is such a special time for the sponsors and the kids.  The children just know there is someone who loves them a lot!

Today will consists of soccer clinics, preparing breakfast for the kids, painting the feeding center, doing electrical work, hosting a baby shower, and feeding another 100 families.  It will be a much easier day!

The kids will present a Christmas program for the group tomorrow.  I “think” it will be facebook live.  It will be worth watching!  The kids will load the bus and head to Chuck E. Cheese!  It will be a fun day for all.







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