600 People Fed

Yesterday, we traveled to El Rodeo to feed the people affected by the volcano.  These people still do not have water in their community as a result of the volcano.

The last time we prepared and cooked food in the heat, no water, and over small fires.  I convinced Teresa and Teresita to cook “freezer” meals and simply heat the soup when we arrive.  In August, the professional cooks, Kathy, Megan, and Deb, from City on a Hill cooked 600 servings of chicken taco soup.  After we poured all of the soup into the pots to cook, Teresa said, “So now all we have to do is wait?”  Thank you to the Michigan ladies for doing all of the hard work!

The main road leading to El Rodeo is now open from 6am-2pm.  This saves us a lot of driving time.  I was able to see “Ground Zero” in Los Lotes which is heart breaking.  Teresa pointed to the specific areas where her family lived which is hard to imagine as it is now completely covered in volcanic ash and rocks.

We had plans leave at 1:30 so we could drive over the bridge before it closed.  The rains began to come about 1:00 which caused the road to close early.  We had to drive the long way around the city, and our quick 1 hour 15 minute drive became a 2 1/2 hour drive!  It was a long, but good day.

We have served 1200 hot meals to the people in El Rodeo.  We have served 700 breakfast meals to the displaced volcano victims in San Pedro.  We have delivered food bags to 1200 families in more remote, isolated areas.  We are able to do the physical work to minister to these families, but it is only possible because people have supported us financially.  Thank you to each person who gives to our ministry on a monthly basis, and for those who have given financially for volcano victims.

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