Meet Maria!

Maria began coming to the center in the Spring.  To say she is shy would be an understatement.  She was very timid during her first few months at the center, and she chose not to interact with any of the other students.  She would often choose to sit by herself instead of playing with the kids.  After many weeks of giving her a hug, saying “I love you” and taking her by the hand to play, she is finally able to enjoy socializing with the other kids.  We have loved watching her timid personality blossom as she enjoys all of the activities at the center.  The girls at the center have been very kind to her as they always try to involve her in their activities.  The structure and security of the center has benefited her greatly.
Maria  lives with her parents and four siblings.  She is in the first grade, and her grades have improved tremendously since being involved at the center.
Thank you Holly Isom for sponsoring Maria!

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