We have been very busy, but I will quickly share one the things we have been involved with during this past week.

We are traveling each morning to a small town called San Pedro located on the other side of Antigua.  There are 7 families (50 people) who have been displaced due to losing everything from the volcano.  They are living with family, but the families live in the typical laminated houses so there is not enough room.  There is also a limited supply of wood and stoves for cooking for the additional number of people.  There is an organization providing lunch and dinner on most days so we provided them with breakfast.  It is normal in Guatemala to eat three small meals each day–Breakfast may only be bread and coffee.

The older lady lost her husband as a result of his injuries from the volcano.  Her husband’s picture has made national news.  This past Saturday her eighth son and his family arrived from Esquintla to join the family.  I wish you could’ve been there when this mother wrapped her arms around her son and wept.

We try to provide protein and fruit for breakfast each morning, but yesterday we served sugary cereal with milk.  One of the little boys became very upset when his mother told him he could not have a second helping.  Of we course we gave him seconds and served until we ran out of food.  The cereal was a special treat.

Many of you have trusted us with funds to minister to the families affected by the volcano.  We have the privilege of buying, cooking, and serving the food to these precious people.  However, each person who supports us is indirectly feeding these precious children every morning.   They are thankful for you!

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