One Year Later…

It has been one year since we walked our family of five onto an airplane to permanently live in Guatemala.  Honestly, I don’t remember much of the day or following week as I was an emotional wreck.  However, we believe in a living a Life of Obedience to the things we know God is calling us to do and not to allow a Spirit of Fear overcome us.

We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.  Proverbs 16:9

This verse has become so true in our lives over the past year.  God has given us a desire and passion to see people come to Know Him, to serve people in poverty, to provide educational opportunities to the less fortunate, and to show love.  My personality likes a five-year strategic plan, and yet the Lord continues to show us one step at a time.  Today  we will feed 50 people who lost everything due to the volcano, teach English and computers to 75 students from the dump, and show love to 55 children living in poverty.  We are extremely grateful that His plans are greater than our plans.

God has brought people into our lives to partner with us as we minister.  We are able to physically minister and serve the people, but the people and churches who support us are the reason we can do it.  We stand amazed at how God uses people in our lives to help break the spiritual and physical bondage these people live in.  If you have ever prayed, encouraged, and financially supported us please know you are a vital part of our ministry.  We are pray God blesses you a million times over.

How have our children adjusted?  Our children are adjusting well.  Since returning in January, Sydney (5 years old) has decided she will continue to live in Guatemala with us! Lizzi loves school and her Spanish speaking ability continues to increase.  The other day I told her to wait and she responded to me in Spanish.  When I asked her the meaning of the Spanish phrase, she said it means “Hurry Up!”  She now has to speak to us in English only!  Audrey continues to be the boss of our babysitter.  She has mastered the art of getting her way with the teams.  Providing rides for mothers and children, feeding people from the back of our car, having unexpected guests over for dinner, delivering groceries to families, meeting a lot of different people, and never having a “normal” week, have become norms for our girls–and for this we are thankful!

We are so excited about the things God has in store for us during this next year.  We are thankful God allows our family to be small part of His plans.  Nothing can compare to the abundant life found only through Him.

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