April 6th

Why have I not blogged in a week?  There are 7 children all under the age of 8 to blame! My sister, Daphne, and her family landed last Thursday to visit us for the week.  The kids loved spending time with their cousins and we stayed very busy.  One of the highlights for the children was meeting their sponsored children, Rosali and Fredy.  Rosali and Fredy’s family came to our house for a meal on Friday night and enjoyed another meal at Pollo Campero on Wednesday night.  The kids enjoyed delivering groceries to a family of the feeding center.  Brad and Daphne had never met the students at My Special Treasure School so we fed the students breakfast on Wednesday morning.  They were able to help at the feeding center a couple afternoons also.

It is always good to mix ministry with fun.  We enjoyed the waterpark, Auto Safari, shopping in Antigua, the ball pit, Guatemala zoo, and a swimming pool.  At the beginning of the week Daphne asked why we were going to Auto Safari and the Guatemala Zoo.  One Word–Cheap!  The Guatemala Zoo cost $2.20 for the kids!  All of the sudden it became my favorite zoo.  Soy has enjoyed them being here because I am outvoted on where we eat.  On Sunday, I told them to eat leftovers at the house and the adults could have dessert at San Martin while the kids played in the ball pit.  No one was hungry when we left the house, however, they became very hungry when we arrived at the San Martin for dessert.  All of my arguing didn’t work as Brad and Soy ordered their meals.  Their tour guide should’ve been Eddie Turrentine!

We will say good-bye to them this morning as they head back to Alabama!  We had a good week!


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