Happy Birthday Ms. Annie

If you stop by State Farm then you might be lucky enough to be greeted by Ms. Annie.  Ms. Annie always stops in once or twice a week to make sure things are running smoothly and the workers are not slacking in any way.  She is always willing to offer you advice whether you ask for it or not.  She had her hands full keeping Soy under control when he worked at State Farm.  Rita, Julie, Jennifer, and my mom have adopted her as their grandmother, and they love on her in many ways such as inviting her to eat Thanksgiving lunch with them to having birthday parties for her to delivering her Sunday lunch.  They take care of her and she takes care of them.

We have facetimed several times with Ms. Annie and she is always concerned about our living conditions.  We told her about the tremors that we have felt and she said, “Oh Lawd, it is time for yall to come home.  We don’t have those things in Alabama!”  She sends us things such as falshlights, cotton balls, and witch hazel!  I told her to to stop spending her money on things for us and she quickly told me that it is her job to support and pray for missionaries.  No one argues with Ms. Annie!

Happy 80th Birthday Ms.Annie!  We love you dearly!


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