July 21st

Spanish School!

There have been several people who have made the comment, “Deidra I thought you could speak Spanish?”  Well if you compare me to Tim Knighten and Bernard Suthoff than I am fluent!  However, taking a few classes in high school and college only teaches you how to survive on a short-term trip!  People think Soy is Hispanic so they always try to talk to him.  He gives them the “deer in a headlight” look every time–it is hilarious!  On the first day of Spanish class the teachers thought he was a new colleague, not the student!  We dare not brag that we are taking language class while sitting outside.  We started to complain on Monday because it became a little hot when it reached 80 degrees, and then we remembered Alabama heat and humidity!  We quickly stopped complaining!  On Monday, Soy turned around and shouted “Ha! My teacher said I can move on to book 2!”  The teacher started laughing as she said, “No I said page 2!”  (I will not mention that I am ahead of him and have already started book 2)  Thankfully, Soy has a teacher that cracks the whip as she is laughing at him.  Every time I question the Spanish language, Rita reminds me that Spanish is perfect and English is not!  Right now three months of language school seem like a long time, but it is the top priority for our ministry.  We want to hit ground running with specific ministries, but we know the wisest decision is to focus on the language so we can know the heart of the people.

I am able to teach a group of cute third grade kids at the My Special Treasure school every Tuesday and Thursday.  I love the innocence and excitement from kids.  I love how you can always pick out the one class clown.  I love how they are quick to correct my Spanish.  I love how candy is a great motivator!  Luis, the principal, shared with us that the kids will have so many more advantages in the work field if they know English, have computer knowledge, or a have a college degree.  We are hoping to be a part of ending their cycle of poverty!


The third grade class from My Special Treasure school. A cooking class at Spanish school.

I asked Soy why he takes so many selfies.  His reasoning is because if his face is not in the picture then it could just be a picture from the internet.  His face is used as evidence!  The teacher made us spell the last name of our best friend–Soy spelled “Bosarge”–isn’t that sweet!

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