July 17th

We have spent the past two summers in Guatemala and this has always been about the time I start to look forward to seeing my church family again!  We have attended Grace Community Church at the feeding center this summer where the music and preaching is in Spanish, no Sunday school, and no nursery!  (No, I do not feel called to start a nursery ministry). The kids do go outside during the preaching, but Lizzi requires one of us to stay with her.  Although we realize this is part of the cultural that requires getting adjusted to, we have a great appreciation for our church “normalcy” and the many things we have taken for granted.  The positive side is we can walk in 15 minutes late and they haven’t even started yet!  I do not have to adjust to being late!  Be thankful for your church family!

Soy has spent the past several weeks going out with groups and building houses, but today he starts Spanish school!  We will be able to go together and have one-on-one teachers.  I did explain to my teacher that I do not have to be the best at speaking Spanish–I just need to better than Soy!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us!  We love y’all!


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