Why Guatemala?

Yesterday someone asked me the question, Why Guatemala?  For years, Soy and I were working to meet the requirements to serve under another mission organization, but in the Spring of 2013 God began to re-direct our path. Guatemala was not on our radar! We spent the next 6 months really seeking exactly where God was calling us to serve. God continue to burden our hearts for the spiritual darkness in Guatemala. After leading a devotion for a small group of women in a local village, I noticed that the women were very serious without a lot of chatter or laughter (which is so unusual for a group of women).   I began to question if I was the reason they did not seem relaxed or joyful. A native explained to me the reason for their stoic expression is because they do not want the upset the “gods”. The people believe in Jesus along with the Mayan gods, superstition, witch doctors, etc. Their foundation for the truths of the Bible is far from solid. It is our prayer that God will use us to build relationships with the people and God will use us to reveal the truths from the Bible.

So that all the peoples of the earth may know that the Lord is God and that there is no other.             1 Kings 8:60

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