Easter Eggs & Food Baskets!

The teachers are exhausted but the children had lots of fun this week! Yesterday the kindergarten through fourth grade dyed eggs for the Easter egg hunt today. It was the first Easter egg hunt for many of our younger students and our new teachers! Have you ever tried to explain the purpose of painting eggs, hiding them, and finding them? Our high school students helped by filling the eggs with prizes and hiding them. If you notice in the pictures they were very serious about hiding them–under a leaf, under an avocado hull, perfectly balanced on a tree branch, etc. By the third hunt I was out of patience and taught them how to simply throw the eggs and hope they don’t break.

When you grow up watching Lisa Turrentine and Caroline Ford’s hospitality then you always make sure to have way more than enough for every event. Yesterday, I panicked at the thought of not having enough hard boiled eggs for the students to find. So we boiled hundreds of eggs from our chicken coop–just in case! However, we didn’t have time to decorate them. It looked as if chickens were let loose on the mountain!

I wish you could have seen the excited faces when they found the golden eggs with Q10! This is enough money for a drink and bag of chips! They were thrilled! We had lots of prize eggs also!

Most schools are closed the week before Easter, but we choose to use the week for academics and evangelism. The students and teachers will enjoy tomorrow, the weekend, and next week to reflect on the cruxifixction and resurrection of Christ.

Knowing the students will not have school, we made sure they received enough food to help them through the next week. The families came to receive dry goods, fruit, and vegetables. Do you remember the money raised from the cake auction in July 2022? Today the students received food because of people being generous in a cake auction! There are 124 families who are thankful for overpriced cakes!

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