Lunch is Served!

Without a doubt, we believe it is very important for our children to receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch. We are very proud of our cooks who work extremely hard to serve a variety of protein, vegetables, and fruit. We know the diet for the majority of our students does not meet the daily nutrients or calories needed for growth. We try to serve enough fruits and vegetables for breakfast and lunch to meet the daily servings needed for the specific ages. Even with the inflation of food, we work very hard to keep the prices at a minimum.

What’s on April’s Menu?


Monday: Cereal, Bananas, Nutrient Drink Tuesday: Eggs, Sausages, Watermelon, Nutrient Drink Wednesday: Oatmeal, Fruit Salad with Honey, Toast with Jelly, Nutrient Drink Thursday: Pancakes, Yogurt, Banana, Nutrient Drink Friday: Ham and Vegetable Omelet, Beans, Apple, Nutrient Drink

Lunch: (Rotated every other week)

Monday: Grilled Chicken, Rice, Broccoli and Cheese, French Bread, Banana Fried Chicken, Rice, Corn, House Salad, Orange

Tuesday: Taco Salad with Vegetables, Guacamole, Beans, Corn, Papaya Chicken Fajitas with Vegetables, Avocados, Beans, and Apples

Wednesday: Hamburgers, Homemade French Fries, Cucumber Salad, Cantaloupe Estofado Soup (Typical), Rice, Tortillas, Watermelon

Thursday: Hilachas with Chicken (Typical), Rice, Tortillas, Banana Spaghetti, Green Squash, Cucumber and Avocado Salad, Orange

Friday: Chicken Sandwiches, Chips, Cookies, Orange Hot Dogs, Chips, Cookies, Papaya

What if the children want seconds? We prepare enough food to give extra if they desire seconds. What if they can’t eat all of the food? The food does not go to waste. We rarely see any extra food left on a plate. Some of the children choose to eat the fruit for an afternoon snack.

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