Ready for 2nd Quarter!

We completed the first quarter of 2023!  This was our first “normal” school year since the pandemic.  I am grateful for the flexibility, long hours, and creativity of the teachers during the pandemic years, however, we are happy to return to normalcy.   

We served more than 18,000 meals in only 45 days!    A huge thank you to the kitchen workers for making this possible!   

We celebrated the final day of first quarter with lots of fun activities for all of the students.   We had an extra 34 people from Mississippi to help us control the chaos!   We added a little bit of St Patrick’s Day fun for the younger children and Splash Day for the older students.  

Since the students did not attend class on Friday, they left with a bag of food and eggs to help the families through the weekend.  In my opinion, food remains the absolute greatest need for the families.   One student received his bag of food and simply said, “What a blessing!”   

As Wilfredo was running to the bus, he turned around and exclaimed, “ Today, I practiced my English with an American!”  He was thrilled!   

Was every day during first quarter easy?  No way!   Just like any school, a new year means new faces for the staff and the children.   It means practicing procedures every single day while ironing out the kinks.   In addition to the academics, we spend a lot of time taking care of medical needs, dental needs, counseling, and home visits.    

Thank you for praying, supporting, and encouraging us!   

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