Love Your Pastor!

I am very biased towards a pastor and the pastor’s family! I had the privilege of growing up in a pastor’s home with a very loving church family. I really believe my love for the church is because I have parents who never speak a negative word about anyone in the church. (I vividly remember complaining about a person in the church and my dad quickly told me to close my mouth–I was 35 years old, but I listened to him!) I thought it was normal to joyfully serve in the church and a privilege to worship with others in the church. I thought it was normal to have a revolving door, constant company, and tons of church activities. This “normalcy” was preparing us for our lives in Guatemala!

Pastoring is such a unique calling. Pastors love deeply. Pastors weep with their people. Pastors rejoice with their people. Pastors carry the burdens of others. Pastors discern the voice of God everyday. Pastors are the messengers. Pastors are in the trenches. Pastors serve. Pastors give selflessly. Pastors never seek the applause of man. Pastors walk in obedience. Pastors preach the Truth. Pastors burn the midnight oil.

Pray for your pastor. Love your pastor. Encourage your pastor.

We are blessed to have a pastor at Iglesia JET who is a reflection of all these characteristics. A pastor who preaches the Truth of God’s word. A pastor who works tirelessly to serve the people in the church. Pastor Adan has a joy towards serving the people in the church and our community. Soy and I have extreme respect for him because we have observed his life over the past several years. We are happy to be under his spiritual authority. We pray God uses our family to strengthen the church by simply serving, encouraging, and loving on the pastor, pastor’s family, and the people in the church. We want to be the church members that the pastor is happy to see enter the building!

We’ve had the privilege of having so many different pastors invest in our lives. These pastors have spoken Biblical truth to us. These pastors have encouraged us. These pastors have prayed for us. These pastors have supported us. These pastors have loved us.

If you are a pastor in our lives, please know we love you like crazy. We know the sacrifices you and your family give. We know the countless hours spent counseling others. We know the hours spent praying for the people in your lives. We know the many cancelled plans in order to be with another person during a time of crisis. We know the hours of preparation for every single sermon. We know the spiritual attacks in your personal lives. We know you live in a glass house. We know people are messy. We know discipleship means walking beside the people during the good and bad times. And yet we know you continue to pastor because there is no greater joy than watching people choose Christ as their personal Lord and grow in their relationship with Him.

To the pastors in our lives–Thank you for being obedient to your calling. Thank you for not quitting. Thank you for loving people. Thank you for being a reflection of Jesus Christ.

When you see the hundreds of people in our ministry, you are part of every single life. Your investment in our lives continues to guide us as we pour into the lives in our community.

We Love Pastors!

Happy Pastor’s Appreciation Month–You Deserve So Much More!

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