Busy Week!

We are thrilled to have Evangelist Michael Mason at Iglesia J.E.T. for a week of revival. The church was filled on Friday and Saturday night and there was a great spirit. The music was led by the Colegio J.E.T. teachers, Sabrina, Tania, and Daisy on Friday night and Danny Chavez on Saturday night. This morning we will have a soccer game between men and youth followed by a devotion with Michael Mason. Sunday and Monday night will be another night of great revival. Please pray for the church services!

We are extremely excited to have a group from South Carolina help us with ministering this week. They are a small group but have a very busy schedule. The group of 7 Americans plus 4 Guatemalans built 4 houses on Friday. On Saturday they completed another 3 houses and started another one. This group sponsors 5 of the students from our school so we allowed the students to go build with the sponsors. Of course several other students and teachers tagged along also. It was a day of building relationships. The group returned to the house to quickly eat before joining the congregation of Iglesia J.E.T. On Friday night, the group served 150 people a delicious taco dinner. On Saturday night, the group cooked and served a spaghetti, salad, and bread to 175 people.

We were able to have a food distribution for 100 families at the El Tejar fire department. The neat part is the firemen had someone donate a couple of vegetables to give the people. While the Americans passed out the dry goods, the firemen passed out the broccoli. We loved having them serve alongside our team!

We are back to normal school hours!!!! This has been a crazy two years! Uniforms were passed out to the students on Friday and they will begin wearing them on Monday. I am so grateful to the teachers who constantly had the “whatever it takes” attitude for the past couple of years.

Praise Jesus the requirements to enter the United States has changed! Beginning Sunday, no one will need a Covid test to enter the U.S. This makes it so much easier for people to travel to Guatemala. We have been very blessed to have sweetest nurse, Sandy, make a million trips to the mission house for Covid testing. She worked with our crazy hours, provided the tests, and delivered the results every single time. She has been so kind to us and our ministry. We hope to continue to have a sweet friendship with her, but not over Covid testing!

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