Splash Day!

We choose to use this week to focus on the life, cruxifixction, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Last night I listened to our daughter, Audrey sing “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty” and my heart was filled with joy.  This was one of the songs the children sang this week. My prayer is that each child who listened to the Bible stories, heard the truth in Scripture, sang songs, watched movies about the crucifixion and resurrection continues to have it all replay in their minds.  

Today we celebrated by allowing the children to have “Splash Day”.   Any time water games are involved then they have lots of fun.  Laughter and smiles filled the mountain.  The children were happy because after eating breakfasts they ate pizza, chips, cookies, fruit, and coke.  They all left with burritos for a to-go snack. The teachers make it so much fun for all of the students. They are the best!

Now our teachers will receive a much needed “Spring Break” next week.    

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