Stories of Meeting Needs…

It’s Saturday afternoon and I received a text from Shadya. We had “Spring Break” last week and I jokingly told the teachers that I needed a break from all of their questions. However, Shadya was so broken about this situation that her questions could not wait until Monday morning.

She had been visiting families when she met a young family. The young couple are the parents of a precious 13 month old boy. Shadya was heart broken when she saw their living conditions. Tarps! Tarps and few pieces of wood to serve as protection against the weather. The father lost his job during the pandemic. He is currently delivering bread for a local bakery. If he sells $13 of bread then he makes $2. The mother tries to find work by washing clothes. Their only goal each day is to make enough money to buy food for the day.

The week of Easter, we gave each family at the school a bag of food, a bag of vegetables, and 30 eggs in order to help during Spring Break. We ordered extra food to help families as we see the need. This was a definite need. We are able to meet extra needs because of people giving generously and faithfully to our ministry.

Shadya’s personal family had gathered food for this family. Pastor Adan, Telma, and Shadya went to the school to take more food bags for the family. We were able to bless them with 60 eggs and 2 large bags of food. They were thrilled. Late Saturday night, Pastor Adan sent me some photos. He simply said “The picture doesn’t do it justice”

Within the next 2 weeks, we will build a house for the family. A $400 house will feel like a mansion to them.

If we are completely transparent, we often have to be reminded of how blessed we are. On Friday afternoon, Soy mentioned that the propane tank is almost empty. If there is no propane gas then there is no hot water. My biggest problem was hoping to have enough propane gas in order to take a hot shower. (If we don’t have propane gas then I can’t cook either. However, I don’t really see this as a problem). We have the money. We have a phone to call Zeta gas. We just didn’t do it. So as I am praying that God would somehow stretch the gas for a few more hot showers, I receive pictures of this families house. Talk about humbling.

Some of the pictures were taken at night. Notice their source of light and cooking area.

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