Easter Week!

We have been praying and preparing for this week! We are using this week to solely focus on the life, death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We are trusting, believing, and expecting God to do great things this week. What was yesterday like?

We watched as 100 children unloaded the bus in the morning. This week we are allowing the new children in the feeding program to come to the feeding center. They ate breakfast, sang music, learned about some of the miracles of Jesus, made a craft, had recreation, watched a movie, and ate spaghetti! When the first group of children left after lunch, the next group of about 80 children arrived shortly after them. We laughed as one of. the new children couldn’t wait to receive a fork for his spaghetti. He began eating quickly using his 5 fingers. Our teachers did an awesome job! (We have 11 acres of land in order to socially distance the children!)

After the bus pulled away from the feeding center, Pastor Adan, some of the youth, and several teachers went to a nearby community to pass out popcorn, drink, and invitations to church on Sunday. Over the past several days, they have passed out invitations in 3 different communities. Over 800 invitations have been passed out in the surrounding communities. (If you are Soy’s fb friend then he posted a video of the events). It is so encouraging to see people participate in inviting others to church.

How can you pray? Will you please pray for the salvation of the children? Our teachers have been praying for a very specific number of children to become followers of Christ. We are praying for specific children as we are watching Satan fight hard to destroy their lives. Pray for Pastor Adan as he preaches on Sunday. Pray this is an opportunity to share the Gospel with people who may never come to church throughout the year. Pray without ceasing.

I guess the ”Big Boss” didn’t think that we could handle things around here. He drove up to Grace Mountain at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon. Soy was thrilled! We are thinking the purpose is to check up of Matthew’s work.

If you are part of Grace Ministries or SLAM, you are part of this week!

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