A Year in Review…(Continued)

And it was only April…

There was a silence on Grace Mountain that was not welcomed. We had to shift our focus in the ministry, but we never slowed down. We were meeting needs in a much different kind of way. Did we prefer the sound of the bus driving up the driveway, the laughter of kids, music blaring, and the cheers from the teams? Yes! However, we were striving to be the light during a dark time. We were striving to move forward even in a time of confusion and chaos.

We are very transparent with our workers about the needs of the ministry. I stress to them that we are a faith-based organization. We depend on the rental of the mission house for the operational expenses. We depend on the sponsorship donations to help feed 140 children not one hundred families. We stress that North Americans do not have bottomless bank accounts. We began to pray for God to provide for every single need.

I also share with them all of the “Only God” moments. When a person who has never stepped one foot in Guatemala chooses to pay a month’s worth of salary for our workers. When people rally together to raise money for the food bags. When a church gives a little extra money to use wherever there is a need. All of these things are celebrated. All of these things are “Only God” moments.

Did our faith ever waiver? I can vividly remember one day when I heard the enemy whisper, “And you call your God good?” Over the next several months, I would wrestle with God. Moments that are way too personal to share publicly. I am so thankful that I can be completely honest with God even in the darkest moments.

In the moments that fear began to rise, God would whisper “I am still sovereign. I haven’t not given up my authority. I am choosing to fight the enemy behind you so you may walk through the waters in front of you. Keep moving forward.”

So we continued to move forward.

This past Saturday, Soy treated 8 men to lunch after completing some concrete work at the school (If you have ever been on concrete duty then you would agree a Whopper is well deserved!). On Saturday night, the soccer field was filled with about 60 youth having a water fight, devotion, and a bon fire. On Saturday night, 4 young men sat around our dinner table and enjoyed eating Hamburger Helper. On Sunday, we joined the families in worship at Iglesia JET church. This morning, we heard the bus drive up the driveway and we listened to the laughter of children. We are moving forward!

So when the enemy continues to whisper “And you call your God good?” We stand with confidence and declare “Yes! He is sovereign! He is the provider! He is faithful! He is omniscient! He is truth! He is unchanging! And yes, He is good!

“Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm 34:8

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