Habla Español?

How many times have you visited Guatemala and wanted to speak to Spanish? We are excited to announce a new direction for our ministry! In February 2021, we will be offering online Spanish classes! You can learn Spanish while providing lunch for the children in Guatemala!

Who Can Participate in a Spanish Class? Everyone!

Will there be different levels? Yes! You can learn the very basics of communicating to conversational Spanish. You will be taught based on your instructional level.

Who will be the teacher? You will be taught by a bilingual Guatemalan teacher.

What is the cost? For a group of 4 people the class will be $20 each. For a one-on-one class, the cost will be $25.

How long is the class? The classes will be 1 hour sessions on a weekly basis. Each course will be 6 weeks.

What time is the class? You will work with the teacher to choose a time that is best for your life.

Who do I contact for more information? You can contact me at dtaylor0811@gmail.com

What is the deadline to sign up for a class? If you want to participate on February 1st, please contact me by January 15th.

Are the classes only for the people who travel to Guatemala? No! Do you want to learn a new language as a family? Do you need a tutor for your high school Spanish class? Are you coming on a mission trip and want to know the basic conversational Spanish? A small group class or one-on-one instruction can benefit you in so many ways!

How does this help the children of Guatemala? In addition to learning Spanish, you will be able to provide lunch for 5 children each week! We will use the funds from the class to purchase lunch for the impoverished children!

What is our ultimate goal for a Spanish & English school? Our goal is use the funds from the Spanish classes to provide breakfast and lunch to the children at the school. Our goal is to provide English classes to the people in Guatemala who can not afford a private English language school. We are in the process of completing the paperwork to be an accredited English and Spanish school for 2022!

Several people were gracious enough to participate in a 6 week Spanish class this past October! They were extremely impressed with our teacher and provided feedback for the classes.

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