Christmas Dinners

We were excited to see 11 people arrive at the mission house on Tuesday! The December trip is always special because of the Christmas dinners for the families of Colegio JET. We were worried about being able to have successful dinners because of such a small team. But no worries, Danville sent their A team!

Although my dad is not able to be here, we are able to use technology to have morning time devotions. It helps set the tone for the day. Thanks to my dad, Pastor Joe David, and Bro. Jack for being willing to teach us at 7:30am!

My favorite part of any trip is seeing the children hug their sponsors. Most of the children are shy, but they love the extra attention from their sponsors. It is very special for them to know someone loves them and is supporting them. If you sponsor a child then I highly recommend participating in a December trip!

How did we make changes for the dinners compared to the previous years? We are having dinners outside in front of the beautiful school! Christmas lights around the school, multiple Christmas trees, a stage for the children’s performance, and an area for play. Thankfully, the temperature is perfect. We are also passing out Christmas gifts to all of the children and families. We made a few small changes from night 1 to night 2 in order for things to be a bit smoother, but overall everything has been very successful.

We have finished our third family dinner, built 3 houses, and had one children’s party!

If you are walking around the land at the mission house, you may want to be aware of your surroundings! These 2 snakes were not poisonous, but they were aggressive towards the workers. I am against killing snakes on the mountain. Why? Have you ever seen the rats on the mountain? They are bigger than the snakes. However, these snakes were by the steps leading down to the school, they were large, and they were aggressive. They were way too close to the area where our girls play.

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