Serve in Guatemala in 2020!

Posted from my dad’s blog:

Speaking of Guatemala, the needs here have always been great but they are even more so now with the virus.  Folks have seen their lives disrupted in a major way.  We need boots on the ground doing ministry.  So, the dates of Wednesday, November 11, through Wednesday, November 18, 2020 will see us bring a team to do ministry with Soy & Deidra coordinating the work.  The price of the tickets are favorable right now out of Mobile and Grand Rapids.  Please know that ticket prices can change at any moment.  So, if you are absolutely sure of your desire to join this team then please contact me via e-mail immediately.  Please know that once the tickets are purchased they cannot be refunded and they cannot be transferred.  I have one firm commitment to fly out of Mobile at the time of this writing.  Will there be tickets available to purchase later if someone decides to go?  Yes, but that person will have to pay the fare difference.  At today’s ticket rate, the trip will cost $950.  Any other participants?  Contact me now!

If you have been on previous mission trips then you know $950 (basically all-inclusive) is an excellent price! These trips are open to everyone.

You can contact me at

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