Happy Grandmothers!

We have tried to be very involved in the community of El Tejar.   We want to bless those in need during this time.   Of course, many of the greatest needs are in the lives of the elderly.  A couple of our teachers, Shadya and Telma, have met the needs of some of the elderly women.  They have provided the women with some food to help them during this time.

Shadya said, “Thank you for your help. Thank you for bringing hope to these women. We prayed for them. They were really happy and very grateful for the help. Some were crying. One of them told me that she does not have to buy masks because they prefer to spend the little money they have to buy. food, please help me to pray for them they fear for the health of their children and their own since some of them are elderly.”

Telma said, “These women were very grateful.  They looked at the sky and praised God for not forgetting them!”  

Thank you for helping those who may feel forgotten during this time.  Thank you for sending a small bag of food as a reminder that God has not forgotten them.

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