You can’t have a great school without great teachers!   We want everyone to know just how great our teachers and staff are to the school.  We are going to spend the next few days introducing you to our teachers and staff at Colegio J.E.T.

Before I introduce our teachers, I want you to know a few things about all of them.  They love Jesus.  They have a desire to see the children have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.   They show love to the children.  They provide a safe environment for the children.   They serve the children.   They give lots of hugs and high fives.   They respect the parents.  They are willing to change their teaching style!  They are willing to learn new things.  They strive to grow spiritually and professionally.  They understand these children have much greater needs than the things seen on the surface.   They know these children deserve the right to have opportunities in life.   They laugh with the children and they cry with the children.

Rebeca is the kindergarten teacher.  She has a teaching certificate, and she is currently attending college.   She has a willingness to learn new strategies for teaching.  She has a genuine love for the children.



Heidy is the first grade teacher.  Heidy has the largest class, but she is excited about the challenge.  She is extremely sweet and loving to all of the children.  She has a teaching certificate and she is currently attending college. (She is also teaching our daughter, Sydney! This requires a lot more patience.  Sydney persuaded Ms. heidy to speak English for four days and Spanish for one day.  I quickly changed this rule).


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