Great Teachers!

You can’t have a great school without great teachers.   Last May, we began the interviewing process to choose teachers for Colegio JET.  We prayed God would provide teachers with a desire to love and serve these children unconditionally.  Our teachers understand you must reach a child’s heart before you can reach their mind.  We believe poverty doesn’t equal ignorance and wealth doesn’t equal intelligence.   However, poverty does equal lack of opportunities.  Our teachers want the impoverished children to have the same opportunities as the children with financial means.   Our teachers understand their ministry is much greater than an 8 hour job.

With some of you, I have been able to share personal stories about the lives of our children.  Our teachers have shared the Gospel with parents.  Our teachers have prayed over the students.  Our teachers have cried with mothers.  Our teachers have wiped the tears off of sweet faces.  Our teachers have celebrated success with a proud student.

The teachers do so much more than what is expected of them.   During the last several weeks, they have served the families Christmas dinners.  Many people gave designated financial gifts to buy Christmas clothes for families.   Some of our older preteen boys wanted a new pair of jeans, shirt, and shoes for Christmas (they are now into looking sharp and smelling good).  Our teachers made sure this happened!  They have delivered Christmas gifts to lots of families.  They have sorted and organized hundreds of school uniforms.   They have made extra house visits to check on some difficult situations.  They have bought and delivered groceries to children who will have a difficult time during the “break” at the feeding center.  They do not all without any complaints.  They do it with joyful hearts.  They do it with serving hearts.  They do it while expecting nothing in return.

Will you commit to praying for our teachers?



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