Christmas Gift Investments!

In the midst of the commercialism, there are ways you can invest this Christmas for a long-term impact.   On January 8th, we will have 160 precious children walk through our doors at Colegio J.E.T. (Jesus & Education Transform).  This is not possible without the love and compassion shown by teachers.  Teachers who care about the children.   Teachers who tell the children about the love of Jesus.   Teachers who make learning fun.  Teachers who have a vision for the children.  Teachers who believe in these children.

We have 14 wonderful teachers who have committed to investing in lives of these children.   They will be challenged to grow spiritually and professionally.  They understand the academics is only part of their job.  In order to teach them, they must minister to every part of the child–physically, spiritually, and emotionally.   They understand we are only servant leaders asking God to use us to make an eternal difference.

You can be a part of investing in the teachers.   The base salary for a teacher is approximately $400 per month or $5000 per year.  We would love to be able to have the funds for all of the teachers covered in order to focus on the academics of the school only.

Danville Baptist has sponsored 5 teacher salaries!!!   We need 8 more teachers to be sponsored.

Will you consider giving to a classroom teacher?  By investing in the teachers, you are investing in the lives of 160 children.

“If you want to live a life of success, count your things.  If you want to live a life of significance, invest in the lives of others.”



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