Lots of Donations!

Aaron Rossin’s team from Michigan came to Guatemala with lots of supplies for the future school.  Due to being in the city, Soy and I were not able to be a the center when the team came yesterday afternoon.  The feeding center workers kept sending me texts and saying, “There are a lot of supplies!  Where do we put all of it?”

They were able to store it all in the outside closet for the moment.   This morning I opened the door and I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of supplies!  I was very happy when I saw the packs of sentence strips! (Every teacher understands my excitement—You can’t buy them in Guate).  They brought tons of socks for the children also.  Socks and underwear are always a need for the children.  Not only does it take planning and preparation, but we also realizes it takes money to bring the suitcases here!     We are grateful!

The generous donation of supplies allows us to focus on other areas for the school.  It allows us to focus on purchasing library books, hands-on activities, manipulatives, technology, etc.   It really is a great blessing.

Thank you Aaron and Renee Rossin and Resurrection Life Church for the generous donation!  It is greatly appreciated!

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