All Smiles!

I am definitely admitting my lack of knowledge on the monetary value of the reading curriculum inside my classroom!  The cost of a reading curriculum is extremely high.  I was shocked when I started to add the cost for all of the “necessary” materials.  Have we tried to see about companies donating curriculum to a NGO? Yes!  Have we looked at the curriculum for other schools in Guatemala? Yes!  Finding the right curriculum in Spanish proved to be very difficult.  After many hours of researching the best option, we decided to purchase one curriculum with a balanced literacy approach.  This allows the teacher to spend their time understanding effective teaching methods for phonics, fluency, comprehension, and writing.  A generous donor made it possible for us to purchase the reading materials.  Yesterday, the books were delivered!  We will be creative in sharing the materials, but I am very happy about using the curriculum for our students.


My girls are all smiles because Soy’s parents are visiting us this week.  It is their first time to visit us in Guatemala, so the girls are showing them some of their favorite things about Guatemala.  Last night, we visited Antigua wearing typical dresses.  Lizzi asked if she can buy more typical dresses and wear them more often.  Sydney complained because she had to wear a Guatemalan dress!  Any time spent with family is a good thing!

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