Life Changes!

During July, we spent about 50 hours interviewing every single parent with a child currently enrolled in the feeding center program.  This allowed us to ask some tough questions along with knowing the story of each child at the center.

One of the girls, Lucy, had both parents attend the interview.   It was no secret the father, Ovilio, struggled with an addiction to alcohol.  One of our expectations for our students is they will sustain from alcohol outside of the school.  We make this very clear to the parents.  Lucy’s father was very honest about his problem, but he also recognized how alcohol leads to a destructive life.

During this time, Telma was able to clearly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Ovilio.  She explained his greatest need was to repent of his sins, admit of his need for a Savior, and accept a relationship with the Lord.  The father prayed to receive Christ.

Yesterday Lucy’s father passed away.  Lucy’s father made life choices with consequences.  Lucy’s father made choices that has left a beautiful 11 year old girl fatherless.

Telma and Daisy were able to visit with Lucy at her house and express our love to her.  We will follow-up with a visit tomorrow along with helping meet some needs.  We were reminded that education and nutrition are important, but the main reason we serve these children is to teach them about Jesus.  Education is only a platform we use in order  to spread the Gospel.  Showing Jesus is walking with people as life changes.  May we stay focused on what is important.

Was Lucy’s father genuine when he prayed to receive Christ?  I don’t know if the person who walked down a church aisle is genuine.  What do I know?  I know we were obedient in telling him of his need for Jesus.  I know Jesus has the power to save an alcoholic man. I know that he is the “whosoever” in John 3:16.

Please pray for Lucy, her mom, and her siblings.  Life changes, but God is faithful.




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