Summer is Over!

As we said good-bye to all of our interns and summer teams, we are now checking off our to-do list for school preparation.  We are trying to have as much prepared as possible before January.   One way we are preparing is by making a menu for the school breakfast and lunch.  Today we let 9 kids be our test tasters for vegetables.  The grilled zucchini was a huge hit as well as grilled egg plant!  Who would’ve ever thought the kids like egg plant?!  They also enjoyed raw vegetables dipped in Ranch dressing.  Today they ate grilled cheeses and strawberries.   All of them loved it, and I liked it because the bread and strawberries were donated!

Do any of you miss buying school supplies for your children?  You can definitely relive the experience by buying school supplies for our new school!   Right now, everything is so much cheaper in the states.  Glue, pocket folders, rulers, paper clips, highlighters. etc are staples every school needs.  There is a list on for the students and teachers.

Thank you for supporting and praying for us as we count down the days to officially start school!

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