The 2nd Level!

The contractor was determined to finish the first floor by the end of May.  Some hiccups with materials caused him to lose a few days.  Last Friday, the men worked from 6 a.m. until midnight!  They worked 18 hrs but they finished on May 31st!   At times there were over 40 men working the school.   When Soy noticed they were going to work through the night, he provided them with lights and energy drinks.  He also helped entertain them and finish mixing the concrete.  A reminder these guys are shoveling the wheelbarrows of sand and rock for the concrete and pouring the concrete onto  the second level bucket by bucket.

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Friday night!

Last week, we were joking with one of the men about the holes in his gloves.  We contacted Bro. Johnny Tucker and his team brought 40 nice, new pair of gloves for the men.  We passed them out on Monday and they were pumped.  They were especially excited since this was the day they were passing cinder blocks to the second level.




They will begin working on the electricity and plumbing for the first floor.  If you have a summer trip planned, we can’t wait for you to see the progress.  This time last year, God was confirming He wanted us to build a school.  One Year Later…

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3 days later

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